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Two jockeys seriously injured

July 04, 2022

The last two days have seen two apprentice jockeys seriously injured in separate race falls.

Leah Kilner had a fall at a race meeting a Grafton yesterday, and Elissa Meredith had a fall at Gunnedah races today.  Both suffered significant head injuries and were airlifted to hospital.

Our prayers are with Leah & Elissa and their families.

In addition to this, our chaplains are actively supporting the families in conjunction with Racing NSW and the Australian Jockeys' Association.

UPDATE [23 July 22]: 

Leah continues to make steady progress and is getting lots of sleep. She is leaving her hospital room more and is enjoying wheelchair rides around the hospital. It is now hopeful that she will be moved to the rehabilitation ward when she is well enough next week. 

Elissa continues to make steady progress and got out of bed for the first time on Thursday. She walked across the room with assistance, making her first steps since the fall on July 4th. Elissa spoke her first words yesterday and her memory is returning. She will remain at John Hunter Hospital for approximately three more weeks and will then enter rehabilitation. 

UPDATE [10 July 22]:  Both Leah and Elissa have now been moved out of ICU and are showing signs of progress - their tubes have been removed and they are waking for longer times, recognising and responding to family.

UPDATE [6 July 22]: Elissa's intubation has been removed.  She has opened her eyes & responded to family non-verbally.  They will know more as time goes but things are positive at the moment.

UPDATE [4 July 22]: There are some positive signs for both jockeys:  Leah was briefly awakened and responded to a request to squeeze her mum's hand; and Elissa's CT scans indicate two brain contusions but no swelling or bleeding.